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Pizza for Breakfast

One slice left. It had to be done.

I’m a little ashamed of all those grease spots on the box, but hey, it’s reality.

On tap for this weekend:

  • Working on a presentation for a work conference. F-A-N-C-Y!
  • Riding our bikes at Saguaro East National Park
  • A bit of thrift storing
  • Some sort of art project
  • A friend’s birthday party that includes a Jurassic Park viewing. You know, like you do at every birthday party.
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Currently … Me

Being silly, practicing self-portraits

Currently I’m

Obsessing over…

The weird smell outside our house. At first Travis thought it was my nail polish remover. I thought it was my new dry shampoo. But it’s so much bigger. I think one of our neighbors is power washing their house with … a giant bottle of spray adhesive? I don’t know. It’s awful. Like, I’m tempted to call “the authorities” and report suspicious chemical behavior awful.

Working on…

Magazine headlines. The bane of my existence. It’s so hard to come up with clever, hey-come-read-this headlines after all that time thinking and writing and editing a story.

Thinking about…

Our future. What’s ahead for us after Travis graduates? What, what, what?


The end of Downton Abbey, season 2. So. Much. Drama. What’s it like to watch Downton Abbey? This:

(Thanks to my friend Katelin for sharing that with me)

Listening to…

The new Feist and Swedish folk girls First Aid Kit.


Pork carnitas from Trader Joe’s.


I was one of those people who find joy in working out. I feel good about myself after doing it, but I would pretty much rather do anything else.

P.S. – This post was inspired by The Paper Mama’s blog and her Self-Photo Challenge.



Living in Tucson, we don’t really have winter like the rest of the country (part of why I love it here). It’s really more like winter-spring. Crisp and sunny during the day, cold and dry at night. Cool enough for scarves and tights, but I’ve only had to wear my real coat maybe twice this year. It’s kind of glorious.

Anywho, I wanted to make a wreath in honor of winter-spring, and came up with this little number

Isn’t this little guy ADORABLE?

It’s just a straw wreath from from Michael’s (with the wrapper still on), wrapped and wrapped and wrapped in yarn. Google “felt flower tutorial” for the little buds. It’s weirdly relaxing to spend an hour wrapping yarn around a wreath.

I also made a winter to-do list. I made a vacation to-do list awhile ago that included things like reading a magazine in the park and practicing curling my hair, and decided it was a fantastic idea that I should keep doing going forward. It’s basically a to-do list that gives you an excuse to do fun stuff and makes you feel super accomplished for doing things you know you’re going to do anyway.


So apparently I’ve started another blog. I decided I wanted to keep my other website as my professional platform where I write about fancy professional things and give myself a little more room to blog from my personal life here.

So why Ampersand?


  • I love writing and typographical elements
  • I’ve found myself getting interested in more and more topics, and I like what “&” represents: adding more, continuing the story, not limiting yourself.
  • It sort of just came to me and I liked it

We’ll see if it sticks. I reserve the right to change things up.