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Abnormal: I don’t fit past the dyrer. At least it’s a good excuse to have Travis do all the laundry. Abnormal: Couldn’t even get the photo right–I promise my right hand is actually attached to an arm, despite how the cropping makes it appear otherwise.

When I was crying in the car on Saturday, (Confession: there has been a lot of crying lately. Thanks a ton, pregnancy hormones! I mean, I’m sure even without the hormones, there would have been some crying. Moving is super stressful, after all. But seriously, pregnancy hormones have made me kind of a crazy crier. It really doesn’t take much to set off the waterworks. It’s a good thing I have waterproof mascara. A good cry every now and then is therapeutic, but now it’s just giving me a headache. P.S. – Mom, please don’t worry too much, I’m ok. Just a little weepy.)

Anyway, when I was crying in the car on Saturday, I was trying to figure out why I’ve been feeling so on edge. And I said to Travis, “It’s just that every single part of my life is abnormal right now.” And as soon as I said that out loud, a little light bulb went off.

If I had to describe my life in one word lately, it’s abnormal. My body, my home, my dogs, my emotions, the weather, Travis (as he adjusts to a new job and big ol’ life changes).

I’ve gotten lost every time I’ve driven somewhere (Even though Monterey is tiny, the streets are all twisty and confusing.) I did the dishes but couldn’t put away the cookie sheet because I didn’t know which cabinet the rest of them are in. Our living room has a whole wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that are beautiful and let in tons of light, but we live on a busy street, and the dogs bark like crazy all day at passersby. I wake up every morning with a shooting pain in my back, and that bad boy likes to reappear throughout the day. We don’t know anyone here, and we’re worried about not finding a church. You get the point.

There is no routine. We can’t decide where to hang our artwork. Travis and I don’t yet have a short hand for life here, so we keep not being on the same page about trivial things. I’m so confused by how to get started with cloth diapers. I need a haircut and new glasses, which means I need to find a new hair stylist and eye doctor, not to mention a pediatrician and child care. Every day feels like it requires so many decisions. Like I said, abnormal.

BUT, I know this is temporary.

I had a dog trainer come to the house yesterday to give us some tools to work with the dogs on the barking. We finally drove the 26 miles to the nearest Babies “R” Us to get a pregnancy wedge. I used it last night and woke up pain free. (!!!) We’re just going to use disposable diapers for the first few weeks, so that we can focus on other stuff and wait until we can see what size Camden needs. We had brunch with Travis’s coworker and his wife and their 2 little ones on Sunday, and it was just delightful. I still need GPS to even travel 1 mile from the house, but I know I’ll get that figured out eventually.

We felt confident that this is where God was bringing us, and a little initial turbulence doesn’t change that. We’re SO excited to meet Camden (And everything stabilizes when you have a newborn, right?). Our house is a great fit for us. The Monterey area is really stunning, with so many cool places to explore. And if crazy crying (and the need for lots of naps) is the worst part of this pregnancy, I consider myself supremely blessed.

Life may be abnormal right now, but maybe that’s also a sign that a new normal is around the corner.


One Week in Monterey


Breathtakingly beautiful Gibson Beach at Point Lobos State Reserve, about 10 minutes from our house. The little blog in the water was a seal enjoying being swept gently around by the tide.

Now that we’ve been in our new home for 10 days, I figured a recap is in order. So far in Monterey:

  • Andrew and Sarah Ling are terrific move-helpers. I highly recommend them. But they’ll probably make you cry when you say goodbye.
  • Pretty nice to live in a place where one of my favorite flowers grows locally.

    We built a fire our first night here. It wasn’t freezing outside, but it was definitely chilly, and coming from the desert in the summer, it just felt like it had to be done.

  • The coast really is stunning. I mean, you’re not going to lounge around in your swimsuit reading US Weekly while you get a tan, but it still soothes my soul.
  • I found a doctor, but I couldn’t get an appointment until the 16th,which is a bit longer between appointments than I’m supposed to have at this point. Still feeling good though. Now to do hospital tour and find a birth class and make more calls to the insurance company to find out exactly what they cover. Blaaaaaaaah.
  • California drivers deserve their reputation as totally insane. I’ll leave it at that.
  • I got locked out of the house for 2 hours while Travis was exploring Big Sur with Melody, Charlotte, Autumn and Zach. Thank goodness the car was randomly unlocked, so I just broke the pups out of the kitchen’s doggy door and took a nap with them in the back seat.
  • We checked out a church. I think they’re having a little bit of an identity crisis, so it was kind of an odd experience. We missed 2nd Mile and Tucson.
  • We ate at a placed called Pizza My Heart three times (twice in one day) – once each in Santa Cruz, Palo Alto and Monterey. I normally avoid businesses with puns for a name, but I made an exception.
  • TV not starting until 8 p.m. for the Pacific time zone makes for some¬†cruelly¬†late Olympics watching.
  • Maeby bears a striking resemblance to a harbor seal. Photographic evidence to come.
  • San Francisco still is not my favorite city, but it does have some great shops.
  • It really is a lovely experience to be able to walk 10 minutes to a downtown farmer’s market.

I still need to write a Tucson goodbye post, but I haven’t had the capacity to do that just yet.