My Next 5 Pinterest Projects

I’ve been busy with some freelance work, traveling and visitors, and still getting settled in our house, so it’s been awhile since I tackled a new Pinterest project. I’ve got dozens of good ideas saved just waiting to be tried, which is another way of saying dozens of good ideas I’ll probably never get to. So I decided to pull out five that seem both intriguing and easily doable, must-have conditions for my current lifestyle.

From my "Next" board.

From my “Next” board.

  1. The Butt, Thigh, and Belly Workout. Because I just had a baby nine months ago. And because it’s already been nine months since I had a baby.
  2. Watermelon + Cucumber Juice. Because I have a juicer and because YUM.
  3. Open shelving above the dishwasher. Because it’s pretty and anti-clunky.
  4. Key Lime Pie Froyo Pops. Because my dad and stepmom gave me popsicle molds for my birthday!
  5. Fire log. Because I don’t care that it’s 100 degrees outside, I just discovered that you can just build a little fire in a log!

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