Must Remember This: Baby Hugs

One of our favorite things about Camden lately is that he is becoming a deliberate and enthusiastic hugger. I never even knew that babies hugged, but it is the most delightful, soul-soothing experience. Camden gets a big smile on his face, lunges forward, and wraps his fat arms around the object of his affection: us, Maeby, a stuffed animal, you name it.


And tonight when Travis and I got home from work, the little man was in rare form. While Travis was holding him, Camden grunted and reached out for me, grabbing tightly at my neck as I pulled him close. Then, merely a few seconds later, he turned back around and did the same thing toward Travis, who of course happily received him back. Camden almost immediately did an about face and launched himself back into my arms. He did this back and forth between me and Travis at least four or five times, each exchange ending with him clinging to us like a little koala bear. And of course each time, we were all gooey and overflowing with praise and thank-yous and hugs back, so he kept getting little rewards of attention at each turn, compelling him to keep it up.

Those little embraces were the perfect salve for our troubles, whatever they were today or will be tomorrow. He squeezed them right out.


2 thoughts on “Must Remember This: Baby Hugs

  1. Angela DeSoto says:

    Gahh! This kid is so precious. Love this post!

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