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“I uh ooh, Mama”

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That’s what you said to me in the tub last night, and it just made my whole life.

Daddy has been trying to get you to say, “I love you, Mama” for months now, and this was the first time you uttered any kind of sound in response. Way to deliver the good stuff, little man.

You also said “I uh ooh”┬áto Maeby and Daddy. (Doodle was avoiding you, as usual. Sorry he’s so grumpy.)

Today you are just 4 days shy of your 22-month mark.

A couple of weeks ago you proved once again how adaptable you are by being an absolute trooper for Grandma while Mama and Daddy left you for six days to go on vacation to Cape Cod. While we were at Mayflower Beach we talked about how much you’d love it there.

You are OBSESSED with brushing your teeth. You climb up on the little white IKEA stool and say “teeth!” while nodding your head. I turn the water on for you – as low a flow as I can manage (you are NOT great for water conservation) – and you hold your Eeyore toothbrush under the stream and then suck on the toothbrush, occasionally putting your hand under the water, drawing it to your mouth and then “spitting.” You throw a fit if we try to make you stop before you’re ready. I suppose there are worse habits for a child to cling to.

Last night at dinner you put a tortilla on your head and before he corrected you, you caught Daddy laughing at you. I gave in, too. I think this was the first time you’ve ever noticed that you could do something to make us laugh, and you ate it up, putting that tortilla back on your head over and over again.

When we ask, “Where is baby sister Ada?” you lift up my shirt and gently kiss my belly. You are already such a loving big brother. Ada is due in less than three weeks, and I pray that you two will have a deep and joyful partnership.

While you are generally an easy-going kid, you have been known to have a complete meltdown because, for instance, we tried to give you the rest of your smoothie that you asked for. Or because I offered to help you put your shoes on. Or because it’s time for a diaper change. Just throwing this out there to balance the warm-fuzzies.

Also, I’m afraid it really is time for your first haircut. Your precious curls may have finally outgrown their cuteness and are veering into sketchy convenience store clerk style. Not really what we’re going for.

I love you so much, and am hoping to soak up these next weeks of our final days being a family of three. It is difficult to imagine another life than the one we have right now with you, but we’re excited for what comes next.

I uh ooh,

(This is an email I wrote to Cam a few days ago. You know, like that Google commercial where the dad emails his daughter throughout her childhood. Because I am a sap, and after I saw that commercial and it made me cry, I created an email address for him. Then I forgot about it for a year, couldn’t remember the address or the password so was forced to create a new account for him,┬áthen started writing to him semi-regularly.)