Our Girl

My due date came and went, I took off work two weeks early (SURE she would come any day), refused to spend more than 60 seconds outside (thanks, ENDLESS SUMMER), but finally, with a little help from a friendly induction, our baby girl arrived.

Introducing Ada Beatrix Mueller.

Other than sleeping through our alarm, being 45 minutes late to our own induction, and temporarily losing Travis’s cell phone for the day, everything went very smoothly. Thanks, Ada!

It took all of two seconds for her to completely melt my heart.


She was meant to be part of our family.



Meeting big brother for the first time. We weren’t sure how much he understood about the whole sibling thing, but the moment he saw her he yelled, “Baby sister!” and gave her a kiss. Such a sweetie.


We were able to ditch the hospital after one night and get home to be together as a family.





I feel so privileged to be her mom, to have a daughter.

Fun fact: In addition to being my great grandmother’s name, Ada is also the name of Lord Byron’s daughter (and she was the first female computer scientist). So I’ll finish by quoting the poet:

“Ada! Sole daughter of my house and heart” 



2 thoughts on “Our Girl

  1. kristine says:

    om. she is so lovely. your post made me cry at work! I loved everything about it (especially her leggings). 😉

  2. […] January I returned to work full-time after the birth of my daughter. Some days I ache to be with her. Others I am grateful for the break from constant providing and […]

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