What I Love Right Now

These are the things currently making my life a little better. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

The Gilmore Guys Podcast

gilmore guysI want a ringtone that is these guys impersonating Miss Patti exclaiming, “Rory!” I never knew it was funny until they said it. Now it is amazing.

My friend Brittany recommended this ridiculous, hilarious podcast to me, and I’m so glad she did. Kevin, a die-hard Gilmore Girls fan, and Demi, who had never seen the show before, “recap” each episode of Gilmore Girls (which I re-watched in its entirety during my maternity leave). I use “recap” loosely because they go on tangents of tangents of tangents. But they are glorious tangents. Regular segments include the Fashion Report, freestyle rapping about people who leave iTunes reviews, and Pop Goes the Culture, a supercut of each GG episode’s pop culture references. Oh and making up fake podcasts about other shows: Friends Fellas, Parks and Rec Pals, About About a Boy. They love Emily. They call Chad Michael Murray “Chad Michael Mudface.” Good stuff. They do swear quite a bit, which is weird to listen to compared to how tame the Gilmore characters are. But generally I love it. As my friend Brittany said, “I didn’t think I’d want to listen to twenty-something guys talk about anything, much less Gilmore Girls,” but I’m happy to listen to these two talk about anything, especially Gilmore Girls. BONUS: They’re both UT grads. Hook ’em!

(Kevin is also the creator of this brilliant “Sorkinisms” supercut that highlights all of Aaron Sorkin’s lovely but recycled dialogue on his various TV shows.)

Frozen Basil Cubes from Trader Joe’s

This one doesn’t really need an explanation. It’s great. There.


Lush Cosmetics Shampoo Bar

Lush shampoo barMy brother- and sister-in-law gave me some Lush products for Christmas and I immediately became a fan. They use natural ingredients, no animal testing – all that good stuff. I decided to try their shampoo bar, and lemme tell you, it’s pretty awesome. I was skeptical, but you just rub it a few times through your hair and BAM: suds city. My hair generally gets greasy pretty quickly, but with this it stays clean for longer than usual. I have the Jumping Juniper one. Also, it’s only $10.95, so it’s easy on the budget.

Everlane T-Shirt

everlaneI’m on a mission to aim for quality over quantity in my fashion choices and to be more aware of how and where things are made. Everlane is an online startup clothing company dedicated to “radical transparency” on factories and pricing. I tried their basic white v-neck – it’s a steal at just $15 – and am very pleased with the quality. I also like that their website tells you how tall the models are and what size they’re wearing. That way I knew to order one size larger than I normally would, since the models don’t have any – what’s the word? – boobs or hips. (P.S. – If you order something through this link, I get a nifty store credit. Then you can get your own referral link to get your own credit. Yay for free stuff!)

Endless Reader App

This app has been a lifesaver for keeping Camden occupied when I’m nursing and when we had a lot of travel in the fall. You drag and drop letters to spell a word, and then drag and drop that word and a few others to make a sentence. Then there’s a cute little animated video that reflects the sentence. I was amazed at how quickly Cam picked it up, and now he actually recognizes some of his favorite words. Educational, entertaining, and not at all irritating. Win win win!

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