Reading Challenge Update #1

I did it! I read a book! In some kind of miraculous surge, I finished a book less than three weeks after starting it. I think reading it on the Kindle app of my giant iPhone 6 Plus was the key because I always had it with me.

InterruptedThe first book I chose for my 2015 Reading Challenge was “Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity,” by Austin’s own Jen Hatmaker. This checks off the “A book by a favorite author” category. It was a quick but convicting read, focusing on Hatmaker’s awakening to a deeper, grittier faith, one that compels us to truly care for, engage with, and serve our neighbors and communities. A great read for anyone interested in social justice and living missionally.

Next up I’m tackling “A book in a genre you don’t typically read.” Now, I have pretty wide-ranging interests and enjoy everything from historical fiction to mysteries to Malcolm Gladwellian non-fiction. So I decided to Google a list of book genres to find something that’s so atypical that it wouldn’t even occur to me. And there on Wikipedia I found it: graphic novel. Perfect! Never read one, never been particularly interested.

Tales of Woodsman PeteSo I turned to my favorite pop culture blogger, who I remembered loved graphic novels. And I discovered she had been laid off. Nooo! But all her graphic novel recommendations are still online, and I came across “Tales of Woodsman Pete,” by Lilli Carre. Here is the description:

“a collection of vignettes and stories about a solitary albeit gregarious woodsman with a loose grasp on his own personal history and that of the outside world. He forms relationships with his inanimate surroundings and muses to a dead audience, specifically his bear rug Phillippe.”

I’ll take it!



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