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How to Write

Writing is all about focusing your mind and sitting down to work. As soon as you grab a hoodie, because you can’t write when you’re cold. And then you need water. Oh, and grab a DP or a cup of tea, too, because caffeine is essential. Now, work. Well, actually it’s nice to light a candle to create a pleasant environment, so better go get a match. Alright, no more interruptions. Except that it’s impossible to concentrate if you’re hungry, so a snack is probably in order. Ok, now just get in the zone and start typing. Easy, right? What’s that? Why yes, I think staring blankly out the window for five minutes is just what the creativity fairy would have you do. Staring blankly out the window for five minutes is always followed by staggeringly beautiful writing. Or, at least it could be. Hmm, feels like it’s time for a break.



Dinner Last Night

Last night’s dinner: grilled mahi mahi in a peach glaze, topped with sliced mozzarella and drizzled balsamic vinegar, with lemon butter brown rice and steamed green beans.

Last night’s dinner time: 9:30 p.m.

Sometimes we are accidentally European.


I judge people who walk down the stairs of my parking garage at work. They’re really easy stairs, and the elevators are super slow, so there is no excuse. When I get to the bottom of the stairs before the people in the elevator, I feel a tiny little bit superior. Apparently I’ve set the superiority bar really low.


So apparently I’ve started another blog. I decided I wanted to keep my other website¬†as my professional platform where I write about fancy professional things and give myself a little more room to blog from my personal life here.

So why Ampersand?


  • I love writing and typographical elements
  • I’ve found myself getting interested in more and more topics, and I like what “&” represents: adding more, continuing the story, not limiting yourself.
  • It sort of just came to me and I liked it

We’ll see if it sticks. I reserve the right to change things up.